::audaCiTy to be... is the essence of one’s unveiled soul. It’s a mindset. To be bold, creative, different, faithful, great, hopeful, and just the God-given you, is to have the audaCiTy to be!


audaCiTy to be jewelry & accessories are handcrafted pieces; each with their own sense of flair. Throughout the designs you can find contrasts of vintage and modern elements, as well as variations in cultural influences. Using rare materials and re-purposed treasures, we craft unique and limited edition pieces. We believe each person possesses within them, jewels that are rare and unique, and so shall you be adorned. As you wear an audaCiTy to be design, stand with confidence, hold your head high, and be empowered because you indeed have the audacity to be!

audaCiTy to be home décor includes handcrafted and designed items that will customize any space and make it all your own.

audaCiTy to be art  is comprised of contemporary drawings, paintings, and photos that are meant to inspire and bring just the right touch of art to any space.

audaCiTy to be clothing includes designs for those who love their authentic selves and believe in living that boldy.

About the Designer: Crystal Turner (CT) is the Creative Designer of audaCiTy to be. From a very young age, CT has had a niche for arts and crafts. From jazz dance lessons, to concert band, to drawing, and crafting jewelry, she has always felt a harmonious peace through artistic expressions. As a young adult, she noticed that others appreciated her hobby creations and fashion sense thus in 2011 created audaCiTy to be. CT lives by the creed that we all have characteristics and talents that are unique to us. We should use them in a way that will serve the world. To do so, we must love and accept who we are, daring to be our natural selves; having the audaCiTy to be!